Lumsden resonates with the sound of Philippine Madrigal Singers

On the evening of April 29th, 80 audience members and the St. Andrew's United Church vibrated to the sound of the Philippine Madrigal Singers, currently touring across Canada and visiting Saskatchewan for the first time. The event was preceded by a dinner at the Free Bird restaurant in Lumsden.

Public Submission

By Marie-Lou Bernatchez

April 29, 2024

''They gave me shivers,'' said Blaine Mcleod MLA, who attended the event. Brad Gaetz from Regina Beach also enjoyed this unique show. '' It was great. They sing so connected, they seem like one singing. ''

The Philippine Madrigal Singers, also known as the Madz, are a world-renowned choir hailing from the Philippines. They are an award-winning vocal ensemble that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with their exceptional talent in choral music.

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