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Before cabs were standard fare

So the Toronto Blue Jays didn’t sign Shohei Ohtani

Calvin Daniels

December 11, 2023

Oops, that isn't Ag related at all, is it? Although I expect a lot of farmers follow sports - I know my dad listened to Roughrider games as soon as a radio was available in the tractor cab.

It is funny to think that I am old enough to recall the days of tractors before cabs were standard fare. I know my hair has thinned considerably, and my beard is snow white, but I am not that old and yet the farm tractor has changed so dramatically in my lifetime. I also recognize that this is hardly a unique situation. My grandfather cleared almost every acre of his homestead with an axe and horse and lived into the 1970s, so he saw crazy changes. My father quit school after Grade 8 so he could stay home to work his much-loved horses in the field and farmed into the late 1980s. Imagine for a moment the changes in farming he saw.

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