Compassion, where is it?

You can't turn around anywhere without hearing about the turmoil and conflict existing in the world.

Public Submission

By Deacon Norbert Gaudet, Raymore Sacred Heart RC church

November 5, 2023
As I reflect on it, I ask myself, "Where is the compassion in today's world"? Compassion helps balance/alleviate the suffering one endures. Suffering is part of human existence. No one wants to suffer. Life becomes unbearable if there is no compassion to help; suicides, mass killings, many due to lack of mental health support. Many stresses, internal suffering can be alleviated through compassion. Compassion is defined as sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it. (Webster's dictionary) Notice there are two parts. Being aware and sympathetic of others' distress is one. The other is a desire to alleviate it. This desire should call us to action.

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