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Do You Know Your Teen's Friends

Is it reasonable for parents to know who their child’s friends are and to meet them? My answer would be definitely yes.

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By Gwen Randall-Young

June 30, 2024

In fact, it may be irresponsible not to. At least until the end of grade nine, parents should know the friends with whom their child associates outside of school hours.

The only justification for refusing to introduce friends to parents is if the parents are rude, drunk, or otherwise behaving inappropriately. Otherwise, if a child does not bring friends to meet the parent(s), it is safe to assume there is something to hide. Either the child knows the parents would not approve of the friends, or the friends are not comfortable with parents.

Friends who are uncomfortable with parents (not just shy) likely know that there is something about them of which adults disapprove. I have always made a point of getting to know the friends of my children, and at least to have met their parents. It is asking for trouble to allow children under high school age to have aspects of their lives about which we know nothing.

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