Does A Big God Care About Little Things?

Public Submission

The other day I was out with my good friend Edna, a beautiful white-haired lady I met at Church. I love Edna for many reasons.

She inspires me and makes me laugh. Now at 87 years old, she is legally blind. Her husband and only child have died, and she now lives alone. Life has not been easy for Edna, but it is her amazing love for God that inspires me the most. She trusts God. She trusts Him to take care of her.
Recently, I was with Edna, helping her with some errands around town. We had a full morning planned with lots of stops. Because of her limited eyesight, she never makes a shopping list. Instead, she always prays the Lord will remind her of the things she needs each time we go shopping. While at the dollar store that morning, something told me I should ask her if she needed shampoo. I immediately remembered a previous time I picked shampoo with Edna. It was a complicated event, and so I ignored the idea this time. I was not up for making today any more complicated. We still had a lot to get done! So, Edna and I continued on, picking out the things she knew she needed.
Later we found ourselves at Walmart. Knowing Edna needed many things from there, I tried to focus on getting things done efficiently. Edna does not walk fast, and as we slowly walked past the shampoo aisle, something again nudged me to ask her if she needed shampoo. However, it had been a long morning, and I was tired from all the errands we had already completed. Selfishly, I dismissed the thought once again and continued on, never letting Edna know what was going on in my head.
Eventually, we finished our shopping and went through the Walmart checkout. Just as we passed through the silver gates after we finished paying, Edna exclaimed, “oh my! You know what I need? Shampoo! I really need shampoo”. I looked at her and thought, “Yes, I know you do, Edna”. Thankfully, there was a bench right there for her to sit on while I made my way back to the shampoo aisle. God planned to save me time, but I was unwilling to accept His nudge. While walking, I shamefully confessed to the Lord my sin of ignoring His promptings. Despite my disobedience, God faithfully helped Edna remember the things she needed. God loves Edna. God loves each of us and wants to help us with the small parts of our day as much as the big parts of our day. We simply need to trust God as Edna does. She knows God is her friend and Father. What little thing could you use God’s help with today?
Matthew 6:8 “Your Father knows what you need before you ask him”

-Charlene Ramstead, Regina Beach, Lumsden, Craven, Southey Layperson
Editors note - Perhaps God was saving you both time by letting Edna remember once you had already left the store so she could rest while you went back to pick the product without debate. Maybe it was all part of the plan.
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