email correspondence agreement

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Preferred file naming convention: Business name - Ad name - ##.#" x ##.#" (size) -MMM DD YYYY  (intended publishing date)
eg: LMTimes - Business card promotion - 3.50" x 2.00" - Aug 15 2022

Correspondence here does not constitute an agreement of service, orders are only considered booked completely if you have received an email invoice with a copy of your display ad attached. If you haven't received an invoice by email we can't be responsible for non-placed ads. Invoices should be paid before Thursday at 5pm for the following Monday. Ads with unpaid invoices may not run, and unpaid invoices MAY accrue interest. Contract customers can pay within a 60 day window after date of publication. The dates listed on the invoice are the dates your ad is intended to run in the publication, the price may be adjusted to accommodate changes to the ad in either size, content or colour, taxes are added automatically. If you are tax exempt we can make that adjustment at anytime. Invoices are Due Upon Receipt of goods which is the Monday on which your ad is published, after this date invoices are considered overdue. Deadline for booking is Wednesday at 5pm, adjustments can be made up to/no later than 11:00am on the Friday before publication.