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Evil forces from within

Have you ever felt internal conflict? We all sometimes feel confused, not knowing what to do next. Our minds are torn and emotions falling apart.

Public Submission

By Deacon Norbert Gaudet, RC Church, Raymore

February 5, 2024

There are always people who feel distress, lonely, terrors of war, fear for their children, their grandchildren and their future. They become a bundle of nerves. What is the solution to those forces of evil that are within us? Mark's gospel shows Jesus throughout his public ministry progressively dismantling the powers of darkness and casting out evil forces. For example, in Mark 1: 25 where Jesus casts out the unclean spirit from a man in the synagogue. Jesus' teachings have the power to dispel evil. It frees human beings from their captivity to evil and exposes evil so that it can be expelled. Evil has to be exposed before you can get rid of it. Do we spread Jesus' teachings to expose what is wrong in the world?

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