Aaron Rogers - 2008 - photo by Mike Morbeck

Expectations high for Rodgers in New York

Aaron Rodgers is headed for the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio — that’s a given — but the 39-year-old quarterback is first making a pit stop in New York.

Bruce Penton

August 27, 2023

How long his stay with the National Football League's Jets will be remains to be seen, but Jets' fans on the eve of the 2023 season are already making playoff plans after a 12-year post-season drought. They're expecting the Rodgers magic that resulted in a decade or more of success with the green and yellow in Green Bay will transfer to the green and white of the Jets.

But does Rodgers have any magic left in his football backpack? The world will find out when the Jets play host to the Buffalo Bills in Week One's Monday nighter. It's scheduled for 9/11 in New York.

After a brilliant 15-year career in Green Bay, Rodgers and the Packers' management had a falling out that resulted in an off-season trade to the Jets. Rodgers made it clear he did not want to return to Wisconsin, but also made it clear he wanted to continue playing. Age 39 is ancient in most sports, but since Tom Brady didn't retire until he was 45, Rodgers looks absolutely childlike at 39.

While he didn't set the world on fire with the Packers in 2022 (an 8-9 record as a starter was only his second losing season in 12 years), his resume is sublime. A Super Bowl win in 2010. Four Most Valuable Player crowns. Ten Pro Bowl selections. He has thrown for 475 touchdowns in his career and carries an impressive 1.4 percent interception rate. While opponents won't have to worry about Rogers scrambling around or rushing the ball, his ability to find receivers and be in control of an offence is something coach Robert Saleh doesn't have to worry about teaching.

For the past two seasons, Saleh and the Jets have pinned their hopes on 2021 first-round draft pick Zach Wilson, but the former Brigham Young QB hasn't panned out. With Rodgers at the helm for this year and perhaps a couple more, Wilson can be tutored in the finer points of NFL quarterbacking so that when Rodgers finally retires, the student will be able to take over.

Rodgers will see some familiar faces when he begins guiding the Jets' offence. Former Packers Alan Lazard and Randall Cobb are new faces with the Jets, and former KC Chief wide receiver Mecole Hardman has also joined the team. For offensive variety, the Jets recently signed former Vikings' star Dalvin Cook to lead their running game.

Rodgers, who has never met a video camera or publicist he hasn't embraced, will be a star in New York. 'Broadway Aaron' doesn't quite have the same theatrical ring as 'Broadway Joe' but if Rodgers and the Jets were to win -- or even contend for -- a Super Bowl, they'll be ordering up a statue in no time.

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