Christine Sinclair - October 2017 / Ray Terrill

Fitting celebration to end of Sinclair’s career

The best aspect of the sendoff to Christine Sinclair’s glorious career as a soccer superstar in Canada is that it didn’t open with a minister telling the gathering that her’s was a life well lived.

Bruce Penton

December 10, 2023

So many athletic, entertainment and political icons are lionized after death, but the Sinclair celebration came when she was fully alive, engaged and still able to play -- although not at the highest, international level to which she has been accustomed.

The Canadian soccer world paid tribute to the retiring Sinclair Dec. 5 in Vancouver, renaming B.C. Place as "Christine Sinclair Place" for one night while the Canadian women's national team defeated Australia 2-0 in a friendly that was dominated by tributes to the greatest female soccer player in the world.

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