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It’s time to ditch the whiteout in Winnipeg

Hey, Winnipeg Jets fans, it’s time to lose the ‘whiteout’ approach to your team’s National Hockey League playoffs. It’s not working. In fact, it seems to be more of a jinx than anything else.

Bruce Penton

May 5, 2024

The idea of the 'whiteout' -- having all 15,000 fans wear white garb to home games to create some sort of powerful mystique to help their team defeat the opposition -- has been about as successful as someone trying to sell broccoli- flavoured bubblegum. White is associated with pale; pale is associated with death; dying in the playoffs is what the Jets have done far too often lately.

How about a red-out? A black-out? Even a green-out might work. Green suggests vibrancy andgrowth, and the Jets definitely need a growing number of playoff wins. During his decade or more of pro golf dominance, Tiger Woods wore red on Sunday because psychologists suggested red is an aggressive colour and opponents could be intimidated. White is blah. What colour is the flag one waves when surrendering? White, of course.

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