Ivy Cottage - Your Charming Tiny Retreat Awaits

Looking for the perfect blend of cozy living and enchanting design? Look no further than the Ivy Cottage, the epitome of tiny house elegance. This narrow lot floor plan is a testament to the artistry of compact living while exuding the charm of a vacation home design


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September 5, 2023

The Ivy Cottage welcomes you with its picturesque cottage style and soaring gable ends adorned with shingles, creating an eye-catching facade that's sure to capture your heart. Whether you're envisioning a primary residence or an idyllic accessory structure, the Ivy Cottage fits the bill beautifully.

Step inside, and you'll be greeted by an open floor plan that seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetics. The vaulted living room, bathed in natural light from expansive windows along two walls, creates an inviting space for relaxation and entertainment. The airy ambiance extends to every corner, making it an ideal retreat for unwinding.

Venturing deeper into the heart of the home, you'll find the kitchen and dining space occupying the rear of the open floor plan. Here, culinary creativity and shared meals come to life against a backdrop of comfort and warmth.

The practicality of Ivy Cottage shines through in its layout. A full bathroom is conveniently located near a closet that houses laundry appliances, catering to your everyday needs without compromising on space or convenience.

But Ivy Cottage has another surprise tucked away - an attic! Accessible via a ladder in the living room, this attic space offers limitless possibilities. Whether you envision it as a studio apartment with efficient attic storage or a cozy sleeping loft, Ivy Cottage adapts to your preferences, making it an inviting haven regardless of your chosen layout.

Ivy Cottage is more than a tiny house; it's a testament to efficient living without sacrificing style. It embodies the concept of a charming vacation home plan while embracing the art of making every square foot count. If you're seeking a home that resonates with charm, practicality, and endless possibilities, Ivy Cottage is waiting to welcome you with open arms.

The Ivy Cottage 31-327 is created by Associated Designs, Inc.'s talented team of residential home designers. Call Kirks Hardware to inquire about packages - (306) 528-2050.

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