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Letter to the Editor - Thanks, From all of us

Jennifer Argue is no longer working for the Last Mountain Times Newspaper. The public owes Jennifer and the newspaper a vote of thanks for reporting on local municipal council meetings in the area.

Public Submission

By Bob Wilson

February 5, 2024

The decisions made by our local governments may affect a few or may affect many people. Many people don't have the time or technology to attend or record and watch our council meetings. To have an independent person to watch and question our local governments was a great benefit to the public. Yet, some local elected members were very unhappy that their words and actions were put to the public at large. As our leaders, if you did or said it, you own it.

Don't complain about the media when they do their job of informing the public.

Jennifer brought a sense of accountability and transparency to local politics. We will miss her and her reporting. Thanks again.

Bob is a former councillor and lifelong resident of the RM of McKillop #220

Opinions expressed here are those of the author

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