Looking local for your next career move? Look no further than Suncrest College!

From the trades to University education, the daunting task of post-secondary education becomes a lot less nerve-wracking when you can do it in your own backyard.

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Suncrest College

That's something Suncrest College is able to offer, with the largest region of Saskatchewan's regional college network, Saskatchewan's southeast and south-central areas benefit from the work done at the College.

One of the biggest worries for students post-graduation is finding employment. What if your educational institution did that work for you? That's just another one of the benefits of Suncrest.

The College meets regularly with industry experts to identify any and all needs and then implements programming in a strategic way to ensure that post-grad, there's employment ready for you. That's just one less stress you'll need to worry about at Suncrest College.

Another stress for those in post-secondary? Finances. Well, instead of having to move to "the big city," or relocate outside of Saskatchewan, why not stay where you've familiarized yourself? Why not stay where you are, and keep that job you've had for years? Why pay more to live when there's an option at home? Just a few more advantages of enrolling at the College!

And don't even get us started on the small class sizes, the additional resources, and the talented staff that keeps the College recognized — not just regionally, but across Western Canada and beyond. We are here to not just suit your needs, but to give you every tool imaginable to find your success — and ultimately, your desired career, too!

When it comes to the programming Suncrest is able to offer across the 11 campuses within the region, the delivery is vast and will allow you to choose your path.

Want to be a firefighter? Look no further than Saskatchewan's only professional firefighting training program.

Want to get into the health field? Take your Nursing degree here at home, or become a Continuing Care Assistant, there's even Practical Nursing to fit your needs and your goals.

Want to get into the trades? Well, we have multiple state-of-the-art shops all across the region, and we can pave that next path for you. From welding to power engineering, to industrial mechanics and electrical, we can find a way to fit your needs.

Want a degree from Saskatchewan's universities? You can do that too, right at Suncrest College. If you're just looking to fill one year of your university schooling too, you can do that at Suncrest as well. Even one year spent at Suncrest could benefit you immensely, with the ability to save and shave your overall debt upon graduation.

There's also corporate training, if you're looking for something to help develop your skills, increase your certificate training, or want to try something new — the possibilities are endless at Suncrest College.

Visit our website today, and learn more about what your future has in store at Suncrest College.

Suncrest College — Bright Minds. Bright Futures.

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