Lumsden High School parking upgrades

Improvements to the student parking lot for the 2023-2024 school year

Terri Young

September 11, 2023

A combined project between Lumsden High School administration and Prairie Valley School Division began in the fall of 2022 to see improvements to the existing student parking lot. The parking lot did not have enough spots available for the students, and drainage issues presented a problem with low areas being constantly muddy.

Coralee Smith, Vice-Principal of LHS, brought to my attention that permissions and preliminary work were obtained from PVSD in the fall, with work commencing during the summer of 2023. The parking lot will be totally fenced, with gates across the entrances. The number of student parking spots was increased from 70 to 120; with better use of the area, there are now designated "large vehicle spots," along with permission from the Town of Lumsden for students to park along 5th Avenue when necessary.

The parking lot now requires a student parking pass to be displayed in the window of their vehicle for a cost of $5.00. This fee will be refunded to students when the parking passes are returned.

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