Volunteers - Gord Cuddington, Sandy Crofts, Bill King, Lynda Mack

Lumsden Museum is holding strong thanks to the work of volunteers

The Lumsden Museum holds a rich history that dates back to its humble beginnings. Established in 1972, the museum was created by a group of dedicated community members with a passion for preserving and showcasing the heritage of Lumsden and the surrounding area.

Public Submission

By Marie-Lou Bernatchez

June 21, 2024

To date, there is no paid staff; the museum exists thanks to eight volunteers who meet on Tuesday mornings. "90% of the maintenance of the grounds and buildings is carried out by us," said Sandy Crofts, who has been a volunteer for three years.

The president of the museum, Bill King, who has been volunteering for over 30 years and president for 20, says there is always work to be done and that he is always looking for volunteers. "We are hoping to complete renovating the log house by the end of the summer so that the building is finally accessible to visitors."

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