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Major sports being stung by gambling

Widespread legalized gambling on sports events in North America is only a few years old, yet its dark side has bubbled to the surface. How bad will it get before authorities step in?

Bruce Penton

March 31, 2024

Gambling and sports have gone together like peanut butter and jam for centuries. Illegal bets were probably made during the Roman chariot races in ancient times. In the modern era, the 1919 Chicago White Sox (later named the 'Black Sox' for obvious reasons), got involved with gamblers and threw the World Series to the Cincinnati Reds, pocketing hundreds of dollars in payoffs for their unscrupulous tactics. More recently, Pete Rose was banned for life from baseball for alleged gambling on games in which he participated.

Now, gambling opportunities are ubiquitous through sites like Draft Kings and FanDuel. Evidently, but sad to say, 100 per cent of today's athletes are not morally strong enough to remain uninvolved.

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