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Managing Emotions at Christmas

As Christmas approaches many emotions are triggered. Some may have happy memories and look forward to special time with family and friends

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By Gwen Randall-Young

December 9, 2023

For others, it is not such a pleasant time. With the advertising, Christmas music on the radio and in stores starting November 12th, those emotions are triggered earlier and earlier.

The season can be financially stressful. With prices high many struggling to make ends meet. There is more anxiety and stress than joy. Sadly, Christmas has become big business. The true meaning of Christmas is not part of that business. It is hard for parents when their children see others with extravagant gifts, wondering why Santa was more generous with them.

The antidote to this is to explain to children that the season is about caring for others and involving them in charitable acts. It is important for them to know there are others much less fortunate than they are. Remind yourself that your love is the best gift, and you do not have to march to the beat of the commercial drum.

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