Nokomis businesses on the move

Part One. Green Teal, a thriving local business, migrates from one building to its new home next door. The building they left behind – an opportunity.

Public Submission

By Erica Fisher

February 2, 2024

Ev Edwards bought an insurance business in Nokomis with a partner in 1998, absolutely "green" as she described herself. With her characteristic humour, Ev said, "I could barely even spell the word 'insurance' when we started." But with grit and determination, courses were completed in short order and Ev was well on the path to becoming the expert she now is. Another insurance brokerage in Drake was soon purchased, and after that, Ev bought her partner out.

The Nokomis branch of Green Teal operated out of its original building on the Main Street of town until the continued growth of the business made the facilities just too confined. The decision was made to purchase a neighbouring lot and build a new structure that would be custom-suited to the needs of the insurance team and their clients. In 2023, the new building at 212 Main St opened its doors to the public, and Green Teal celebrated 25 years in business. These milestones were lauded in June with a customer-appreciation BBQ out on Main Street and an open house.

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