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Note about local news

LMT received this brief story and photos from community members in Govan. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough staff to cover all events like these all the time, though we always publish stories about them when provided.


December 11, 2023

We rely on not just readers but also the members of all communities to make us aware of these events and subsequently provide photos and descriptions of events.

In a previous era, people would mail, call, fax, and email or stop by in person to give us local news and advertise upcoming events. But all that has since stopped. We work hard to shine a light on all the important things going on, but it is increasingly difficult to compete with an individual's convenience of Facebook and social media in general. It's been especially this year when META blocked news publications from posting or sharing on Facebook and Instagram in response to the Federal Government's Bill C-18, an effort to prop up news publications.

The bottom line is we're a local business. We support other local businesses and pay local taxes to support the community. We aim to report as much local news and promote as many local businesses as possible. We want to be an asset to the community, but time and again, we have been overlooked.

Of all the things going on in all the towns and RMs we cover throughout the year, only a couple have regularly included LMT when looking for donations or fundraising. The Nokomis rink asks us to renew our sign every year, and Keith King renews our Calendar ad for the Govan Optimist Club. But that's about it.

I don't think it's just a newspaper thing. I think because of the wide reach of social media, people have, ironically, developed micro-communities even within small villages. Some events are only promoted through texting groups. Someone might organize a Farmers Market-type event but only put a single poster up in the very town hosting it. That won't bring any new money into the community; all the vendors just spend money at each other's tables, which is fine but isn't a great way to raise money. You buy my crochet mitts, I'll buy your half-bundt cake. We might as well just barter items and leave the money out of it. The only people earning money are the ones 'selling' the tables.

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