Our lives are a journey

We are born, and our journey begins. There are many forks in the road of life and many choices to make as we travel.

Public Submission

By Mary Anne Grand, Layperson from Raymore United Church

August 24, 2023

Some days, our journey is on high mountains where we can see for miles and know what we want in life, and suddenly, we are in a deep valley, not knowing which direction to take or how to get out of this situation. Life has a way of putting obstacles in our way. I am unsure if it is to challenge us or make us better people. God never gives us more than what we can handle, but at times, that saying is so very hard to accomplish.

Some days, we are like the sheep in the pasture when frightened, scattering in all directions without a path to follow. Then the Shepherd arrives and calmly speaks, and the sheep follow his voice and gather around. We, too, have a shepherd to guide us on our journey of life; that Shepherd is God. God guides us, loves us, and protects us, and at the end of the day there is nothing left for us to want.

We are given those green pastures to lie down in to chart our course and to find rest. As God leads us beside the quiet waters, we feel the peace and tranquillity in our hearts, souls and minds. With this much peace, we can't help but choose the journey God has given and live to the best of our ability in the ways of God.

There will be times when we walk in darkness on our journey, but it is at this time that we look for the light of God to guide and direct us. Knowing that a loving God walks with us will still the fears and encourage us to continue on our pathway. There will be times on this journey of life when we will find ourselves faced with difficult choices, people giving us wrong advice, and people showing anger and resentment. It is at this time God's love walks with us, guiding our footsteps in love, peace, faithfulness, joy and forgiveness. With these tools, goodness and mercy will be ours all the days of our lives.

As we walk this journey of life with the gifts God has bestowed upon us, the forks in the road become easier to choose, the mistakes become easier to learn by, and God's unending love will guide us till the end of time. I would like to end this message with a verse from a favourite hymn of mine entitled "God Says."

God says, "Be still so you may hear the words I whisper in your ear. If you will listen; you will know I'm with you always where you go." May God's Blessings follow you on your life's journey. Amen.

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