Peace is being tested

When a new year dawns upon us it should be a time of some optimism if only because it is a clean slate on the calendar. That is probably especially true for farmers.

Calvin Daniels

January 1, 2023

While this year the scant snow this winter might be concerning there are months of winter yet where snow may fall to provide early spring moisture to start crops so there still has to be optimism for a good year ahead. Livestock producers will want snow for pastures but also not lament the warm winter to date that will have been easy on the cattle, sheep, horses and other outdoor stock.

Farmers are used to keeping an ear to the radio following the weather forecast, and an eye on the skies, since weather forecasts are often off by a country mile. Weather is both a partner and a nemesis to farmers, the line between the two is often a matter of how much it might rain, or how hot the temperature gets at what time of year.

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