R.M. of Usborne No. 310 - Tax Enforcement

Public Notice

The Tax Enforcement Act


TAKE NOTICE that the R.M. of Usborne No. 310 intends to be registered as owner under the above Act of the land described as NW 12-31-22-2 EXT 22, NW 12-31-22-2 EXT 23, NW 12-31-22-2 EXT 24, Title No. 154585244, 154585255, 154585233.

The municipality claims title to the land by virtue of an interest based on the tax lien registered against the existing title to the land in the Land Titles Registry as Interest Number 197784455, 197784387, 197784321 and you are required to TAKE NOTICE that unless you contest the claim of the municipality or redeem the land pursuant to the provisions of the above Act within six months from the service of this notice on you and, subject to the further provisions of The Tax Enforcement Act, a certificate of title will be issued to the applicant and you will thereafter be forever estopped and debarred from setting up any claim to, or in respect of, the land.

The amount required to redeem the land may be ascertained on application to the Clerk, Treasurer or Administrator of the municipality. For any questions about the tax enforcement process please contact Taxervice at 1-877-734-3113.

Dated this 27th day of May, 2024.
Lanette Morrow, Treasurer, R.M. of Usborne No. 310
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