Photo by Jonathan Kemper

Raising Earthworms: from protein-rich snacks to soil super-food

If you are in the mood to stir the pot on social media, post about the idea of turning to bugs and insects for human food. Now, I'm not suggesting a plate of deep-fried crickets would top my snack list – but some dried grasshoppers in chili powder were certainly not the worst thing I've eaten.

Calvin Daniels

February 3, 2024

While adding a ground bug to recipes might not seem that enticing, when you look at the long list of ingredients in some veggie meats, or think about what must be in a Twinkie to keep it edible on a store shelf, is a ground earthworm so bad? The North American diet is not without its bugs - shrimp, crawdads, and lobster essentially being the bottom-feeding bugs found in aquatic locales.

It should be noted, too, that some reports suggest more than 2,300 insect species are traditionally consumed worldwide, and the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization recognizes nearly 500 edible insect species. So maybe eating a few worms wouldn't be so bad.

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