Receiving a Check

Not long ago, my husband and I each got a check from our kids. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the kind you cash. Canadians have no problem receiving cheques, but I mean checks.

Public Submission

By Charlene Ramstead, Regina Beach, Lumsden, Craven, Southey Layperson

November 27, 2023

Two different times while my husband and I were chatting with our kids we noticed them subtly, in the midst of our conversation, reach for their phones. They were checking us out! Or should I say checking the facts out? They were scanning the internet to confirm if what we had just told them was actually true. I must admit I felt a bit nervous when I clued into what they were doing. In those moments I was really hoping we were accurate on the things we just shared. By God's grace I think my husband and I both passed the screening test that day.

At first, I wasn't sure how I quite felt about being "checked" in the middle of a conversation but as I thought about it a little more, I could appreciate the fact the kids wanted the truth. They were not going to just blindly trust what they heard. They checked to see if it was true.

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