RM McKillop Council Meeting Sept. 26, 2023

Service fee study, Instagram, Fox’s Point, Name for ethics complainants, speeding on RM roads

Public Submission

- Submitted, Camille Box

September 27, 2023

  • Council received a presentation from Pinter & Associates. The engineering firm is performing a service fee study for the RM. The presentation was a progress update and preliminary report.
  • It was decided to expand the RM's social media presence with Instagram after a recommendation from the Administration Committee. Based on another recommendation for the committee, the RM will continue not allowing public comments on the RM's social media posts.
  • Council voted for a recommendation from the Public Works Committee to review the Vision for Fox's Point Advisory Committee once the RM and Sask Wildlife choose the new public members. The Public Works Committee recommended fencing the perimeter of Fox's Point on the upper portion to the east and north of the sand point. Council agreed with the recommendation.
  • The Administration Committee recommended allowing the names of individuals who submit Ethics Complaints to be made public if the complainants authorize it. Council passed the recommendation, but the complainant's information can and will remain private if they so choose.
  • The Bulyea CAO has resigned. They have asked for help in the interim. The RM has asked for clarification.
  • Council reviewed Expression of Interest submitted for open public members positions on the Fox Point Advisory Committee. Selections will be made in collaboration with Sask Wildlife and then made public.
  • The Silton North Shore Medical First Responders asked for a donation. Council chose to donate $1000 to the organization.
  • The RM of Edenwold asked for support regarding their SARM resolutions that pertain to the Coyote Program and 2023 LGA amendments. Council decided to support both resolutions.
  • There has been a complaint about speeding heavy haul vehicles on busy RM roads. Public Works will put up radar signs where appropriate. Administration will contact the RCMP to monitor and issue tickets on the south Strasbourg grid and 731 west and south grids.
  • There have been reports of crop damage due to dust. Farmers can apply dust control on RM roads. The RM just asks that we be contacted first to prepare the road before the dust control product is applied. Farmers can also apply for free dust control for their yard site in early spring.
  • The RM office was closed on Friday Sept. 29th, 2023, in honour of National Truth and Reconciliation Day. The RM of McKillop, No. 220 recognizes that we are located on Treaty 4 territory, the traditional home of the Cree, Saulteaux, Dakota, Nakota, Lakota, and the Metis. The RM encourages all our residents to visit the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation website https://nctr.ca/ and read the 94 calls to action.

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