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Simply testament

Certain topics in agriculture have tended to dominate farm media – this column included – over the years.

Calvin Daniels

April 14, 2024

For example the protracted debate which finally led to the elimination of the Canadian Wheat Board. The Port of Churchill, and the evolutionary move to zero till farm practices would be such topics. Currently, the trend toward robotic agriculture is added to the list.

There is no doubt in this writer's mind that robotic farming is the next big thing in terms of on-farm operations. Just what the future will look like is an unknown. In many ways the basic foundation of robotic technology is very much in its infancy, and what improvements will be made in the next decade will be beyond what most of us can even start to imagine. Then how that technology is adapted to agricultural applications is another facet of development which is going to be significant, if not fully understood today.

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