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Minister message - Tracks in the Snow

I remember my father-in-law, Walter Block, sharing a number of years ago, how, as a young boy, he would head off across the white field of freshly fallen snow towards the old school house with certain determination to walk as straight a line as he could!

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By Heather Block

January 15, 2024

After he had walked a while, he would turn around to look back at the track he had left in the previously unmarked snow and discover just how crooked his tracks really were! Walter shared that he often felt the same way when he looked back over the previous year, and no matter how determined he was to "walk" differently, he was disappointed with the times he had stumbled about.

I don't know if you know my father-in-law, but I can tell you he is an incredible man of God whom I admire a great deal. He does walk a path that I would not be ashamed to follow, as anyone who knows him knows his love for people, love for His Lord and his desire to please God.

I have often thought of that story and thought how true in my own life. We are now halfway through January, and for many of us, we are recalling the New Year's resolutions, promises, and sometimes, just plain good intentions that we made just a couple of weeks ago and wonder how we have already veered off course. From one year to the next, we never know what the year will hold. This past December, one of my dearest friends passed away. Roxanne challenged our group of friends last winter to 'take care of ourselves, make that doctor's appointment, eat better and exercise.' she never knew or dreamed it was her last year on earth.

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