Mike McEwen throws a rock at the 2018 Elite 10 Grand Slam curling event in Winnipeg, Manitoba. - Photo by Krazytea

Will wearing green be lucky for McEwen?

It’s the month for St. Patrick’s Day, so perhaps wearing Saskatchewan green and the luck of the Irish will mean a Brier championship for Mike O’McEwen.

Bruce Penton

February 17, 2024

He's changed provinces regularly, so why can't he change his name, too? -- from McEwen to O'McEwen, just to heighten his chances of expanding his luck quotient to win the biggest prize in Canadian men's curling.

No skip has ever represented three different provinces in the Brier, until McEwen this year, so maybe third time will be lucky. He won the Manitoba title four times, and represented Manitoba, his home province, on three other occasions as a wildcard entry. Last year, he joined forces with an Ontario rink featuring Ryan Fry, Joey Hart and Brent Laing, and they won that province, losing in a 3 vs. 4 Page playoff game at the Brier. But when Laing, Fry and Hart went their separate ways at the end of the season, McEwen was a loose free agent, looking for a strong team that needed an experienced and proven skip.

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