stock photo by Ales Maze - Peter didn't think to take a photo. He showed his wife and that's all that matters.

Op Ed: Climate crazy

I believe in climate change, and it was not the empirical blabberings of Al Gore that changed my mind.

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-By Pete Foster

September 20, 2023

No, it was just the simple miracle of a small prairie flower that altered my perception of climate change.

I heat my home with wood, which is carbon neutral, the premise being that the tree you cut down for firewood had been standing there for 5 decades or more, converting c02 into oxygen through photosynthesis and the small number of particulate substances resulting from its consumption in your stove is about even to its oxygen production over the tree's lifespan.

So I was at my wood pile last October, splitting logs,a nice fall day, not too warm little bit of chill in the air.

A log falls off, and as I bend down to retrieve it, lo and behold, what do I discover, to my complete and utter amazement, but a small bunch of crocuses in full bloom!

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