Obituary - Philip Holloway

May 6, 1949 - January 24, 2024

Public Submission

April 7, 2024

Philip Lawrence Holloway, late of Lumsden, SK, Passed away peacefully at the age of 74 years. is survived by his wife, Louise; son Paul (Denise) granddaughters Kayleigh and Taryn; son Adam (Tricia) and grandson Theo; and one cousin, Kathy (Jim). Celebration of life will take place at the Lumsden Centennial Hall on May 11th. The interment will be at 1 pm, proceeding to the cemetery from the Hall and upon return, we will continue with the celebration (Approx. 2-4 pm) Phil was a valued member of the Lumsden community and will be missed.

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