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PC Leader Buscholl Calls for Official Inquiry into Regina Bypass Project

Saskatoon, SK–Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan Leader Rose Buscholl is calling for an official judicial inquiry and forensic audit of the Regina Bypass Project, the largest public works project in the history of the province of Saskatchewan.

Public Submission

Media Release, PC Party of SK

February 1, 2024

"Both the East and West portions of the bypass have been tainted with possible wrongdoing during the projects' lifespan," states Buscholl. "Since the taxpayers of Saskatchewan invested so much money into it, the taxpayers have a right to see where exactly that money went, how the decisions were made, and if anyone personally benefitted inappropriately."

A Private-Public Partnership (P3) project, the official cost ran to over $1.8 Billion and completed in October of 2017. From its first conception in 2013 to its opening for traffic in 2019, the project has been inundated with many insinuations of impropriety, including misappropriation of funds, shady land deals, and outright corruption. A public inquiry and audit would help clear the air, according to the provincial PC leader.

"The first step of keeping any government honest should always be public accountability," Buscholl asserts. "In fact, it is necessary for a healthy democracy and that will only benefit the people of Saskatchewan.