Not Peter, Just some guy.

Peter feels little after coming in from the cold

Winter has returned to the prairies with a vengeance. We just received about 6 centimetres of snow, and the temperature gauge is hovering around the -20 range, with more expected in the next few days.

Public Submission

By Pete foster, Craven

January 12, 2024

So in a fit of, I assure you, unexpected wokeism, in the spirit of equality and inclusiveness, I offered my good wife this deal. If she went outside in -20 temperatures and shovelled off the walk, the driveway, the deck and our elderly neighbour's driveway across the street, I would stay indoors, empty the dishwasher, and sweep the floors.

Oddly enough, this suggestion was met with categoric rejection and laughter. I felt hurt.

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