Andrea Lawrence's Church move from Cupar to location in Valley in 2012. Photo from Andrea Lawrence

Valley resident trying to save former Cupar church building

Twenty feet and ten grand from completion, but they’re “tapped out” financially

November 19th, 2023

Andrea Lawrence, who we've covered for burning pianos to the backdrop of an old church and the Qu'Appelle Valley, just off Highway 6, is asking for help and raising money to save the church.

Rev William Henry Tingey, Father Bill, at St Lukes. Photo courtesy of Andrea Lawrence

In 2012, she moved the church from Cupar to where it now sits. It was once her grandfather, Reverend William H Tingey's first parish, St. Mary's Anglican Church. Lawrence paid to have it moved to a temporary location beside her home in the valley. She intended for its location only to be temporary. Still, after a series of financial setbacks, she was left unable to afford the cost to move it 20 feet over onto a foundation she is about to have completed.

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