A new green space named after a very special Lumsden Resident

There are people who make a big difference in a community through their kindness and dedication. This is the case of Angie Mack from Lumsden who now has a park in her name.

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Marie-Lou Bernatchez

June 30, 2024

"I was in shock, and I cried,"

"I was in shock, and I cried," said Angie. On June 26th, the city inaugurated Angie's Pocket Park, situated next to Lumsden District Dew Drop, in front of a few citizens.

It's because Angie has been taking care of that green space for years. "I take care of the flowers, the trees, the grass," she says. "She also voluntarily takes care of several other parks. "That's why they say that Angie is everywhere," she laughed.

Everyone gets their hands dirty

The actual idea came from a partnership between the town, Lumsden District Dew Drop In and the Library when the latter got a funding for a green space next to it. However because it was not possible to build this space right next to the library, it was decided that the location would be next to the senior center.

''On the behalf of the town, we provided new trees, we supported some new infrastructure and arrange accessible walkway.'' Says Chris Exner, community coordinator.

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