A recovery year for Last Mountain Lake Cultural Center

The LMLCC held its AGM in front of a few members on the evening of June 19th.

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Marie-Lou Bernatchez

June 25, 2024

''The 2023 year has been a recovery from Covid year," said President Larry Hall, "...though we have had some challenges, things have gone fairly well."

A program for all tastes

The latter highlighted some events that took place during the year. '' The continued development of the Clay As You Are ceramics program is exciting. We have not only local participants but have drawn a number of members from Regina.''

There was also talk of the HomeRoutes tour. '' We ran HomeRoutes again this year, after having withdrawn from tour last year. The program was successful and has promised to be even better this coming year.'' This year's lineup consisted of Mary Liv, Poor Nameless Boy, Sherry Ryan & Maria Cherwick, Jay Gilday, Raine Hamilton Duo and ending with Shari Ulrich in May.

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