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Accepting Others

As a psychologist and author, one of my favourite pastimes is to observe and reflect upon the human condition.

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Gwen Randall-Young

February 18, 2024

While doing this recently, I became aware of an ironic "catch-22" which seems ubiquitous in our species. Each individual is unique--millions have gone before us, and millions will follow, yet there will never be another just like us.

At the same time, it seems that most of the tension existing between individuals or groups is based on the belief that others should be more like us. What a formula for monumental frustration. Think of it. What an excellent simulation--an exercise one might find at a corporate retreat on learning to work together and create harmony. Build a planet and populate it with a human species in which no two will ever be the same. Then build in a mindset that has high tolerance for similarities, and a low tolerance for differences.

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