Green Flowers

Trends in the garden are always changing. One of the most popular trends are green flowers which are most often described as lime or chartreuse. Green flowers are unusual and can lend a degree of sophistication to the garden.

Public Submission

Patricia Hanbidge, Lead Horticulturist

May 26, 2024

Generally, we think of green as a cool, restful colour, but most of the flowers are a rather arresting hot chartreuse - definitely not a colour that recedes! Chartreuse is a combination of warm yellow and cool green and believe it or not they actually look good with almost every other colour in the garden. Try some mixes and matches that suit your personal tastes. Give a try at pairing green flowers with bright pink or orange as it seems to make the colours simply pop and will for sure grab lots of attention. Scarlet red flowers might be overwhelming when paired with chartreuse, but try some cool blue and red-purple instead and see the result!

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