Greenery galvanizes Govan gift and gallery goers

As a parallel to the bake sale story from the same day and location, this, too, was nearly sold out by noon


Metric Greenhouse was on location this past Saturday at 125 Elgin St. The Govan Gallary and Gift Shop, or as it's locally known, "The Credit Union."

Travelling in from West of Simpson, SK, Teri Danyluk, Owner, took down empty tables almost as quickly as she set them up. Sales started at 10 am and were apparently going very well since, by noon, she was down to just one and a half tables, with a handful of plants still available. When Teri was a teen, her mother had a greenhouse, which she would help with. So, after having a family of her own, Teri also started a Greenhouse of her own, and now it's her full- time job. When I asked Teri what her favourite type of boat was, she said the 'One-upmanship.' Just kidding, I didn't bother asking. It was obvious.

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