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Horoscope June 23 - June 29, 2024

The Lucky Signs This Week: Pisces, Aries and Taurus


Aries ♈

In your relationship, you must express your needs and expectations clearly and confidently, even if it causes tension. This will be an opportunity to start fresh. You’ll rediscover peace and harmony.

Taurus ♉

A business project will keep you busy and promise good financial prospects. Despite your discretion, you’ll attract the attention of the ideal person. Be indulgent with your other half, who can sometimes be tactless.

Gemini ♊

You must increase your self-esteem to succeed professionally, emotionally and personally. Respect yourself and recognize your value to grow.

Cancer ♋

Time is scarce with days off and colleagues on holiday. Plan each step carefully and get organized to avoid scheduling conflicts and unforeseen events.

Leo ♌

As the holidays approach, you’ll drive your children around to meet with friends or relatives. You’ll secure a loan or negotiate a reasonable price for an important purchase.

Virgo ♍

You’ll start an open and honest conversation with your partner and express your needs and expectations while being attentive to theirs. Don’t let yourself fall into a routine and get lazy.

Libra ♎

You’ll express your ideas and aspirations for progress to your supervisor or partner. You’ll take action and be valued in all areas of your life.

Scorpio ♏

Get ready for an upturn in your love life! You’ll hit it off with a new flame. You’ll want to commit and may even consider living together or starting a family. Your creativity will be at its best.

Sagittarius ♐

It’s time to treat yourself. Don’t hesitate to go out with friends! Don’t forget to allow yourself moments of relaxation and well-being; you need them. Enjoy these moments of joy and happiness.

Capricorn ♑

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, someone in your workplace will make advances at you. This situation could be unsettling. Be discerning and prudent, and don’t let yourself be influenced by others.

Aquarius ♒

You’re looking forward to the holidays and going on vacation with your family. If you’re going by car, take a map or a GPS, in case you don’t have a signal. This will prevent you from getting lost or taking a detour.

Pisces ♓

You’ll be proud of your children’s remarkable grades at school. You’ll give them anything they want. Someone close to you could exploit your generosity by making unrealistic or excessive requests.

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