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Horoscope March 24 - 30, 2024

The Lucky Signs This Week: Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius


The Lucky Signs This Week: Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius

♈ Aries

You may need to negotiate skillfully in various contexts such as at work or with your friends or partner to achieve harmony. You’ll have to make compromises and adjustments to cultivate happiness in all your relationships.

♉ Taurus

At work, you may experience some confusion and conflict. This could prompt you to start thinking about a career change. Take the time to weigh the pros and cons and get advice from those closest to you.

♊ Gemini

You’ll find yourself in a position to stand out. This could transform your life in the long term. Your value will be highlighted in a variety of ways, boosting your self-esteem and self-confidence.

♋ Cancer

You may decide to move soon, especially if the family home has proved too big since your children left the nest. In your relationship, change could strengthen or rekindle your passion.

♌ Leo

Your outspokenness will be evident as you express openly what others think in silence. A secret could leave you perplexed for a while. The Full Moon will have a revealing effect. A revelation will show you the way forward.

♍ Virgo

If you’re struggling financially, you could discover some interesting solutions. You’ll finally get the opportunity to invest in a project dear to your heart or, at least, to redecorate your home.

♎ Libra

This will be an active and dynamic week. You may need to shake things up with certain people. Even if you prefer keeping the peace, it’s time to assert your position to re-establish harmony with those close to you.

♏ Scorpio

Your talents will increase tenfold, opening the door to a spiritual awakening. You’ll develop a deeper perspective and greater empathy, allowing you to see things in a new light. The artist in you could also be revealed.

♐ Sagittarius

A post on social media could inspire you. Someone close to you will play a key role in helping you become the person you’ve always wanted to be. This will guide you toward fulfillment and happiness.

♑ Capricorn

If you have a jam-packed week, make sure to space out your appointments to avoid scheduling conflicts and minimize the pressure. Time is precious; carefully manage yours.

♒ Aquarius

You could decide to radically change your life on a whim. This transformation could involve going back to school or starting a new career in line with your deepest aspirations.

♓ Pisces

The heart has its reasons, which reason knows not. Even if you try to rationalize a situation, your emotions will influence your choices. Sometimes, you must step out of your comfort zone to move in the right direction.

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