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Horoscope - Nov 19 - Nov 25, 2023

The Lucky Signs This Week: Aries, Taurus and Gemini


The Lucky Signs This Week: Aries, Taurus and Gemini


End friendships that demand too much of your attention. Tidy up your circle of friends and go out and meet new peo­ple. Spearheading a project at work will help you develop new friendships with your colleagues.


If you’ve recently achieved a great feat or completed a major project, it’s per­fectly normal to want to celebrate. Share this joy with your colleagues or loved ones by hosting a party.


Avoid delays by doubling your ef­forts and focusing on your objectives. However, taking time to relax and enjoy yourself is also important to regain your energy.


If your family is scattered far and wide, you have two options for getting to­gether for the holidays: visit each fam­ily member individually or go on a trip with them.


This week, you’ll excel at communicat­ing and negotiating. You’ll be able to reach an agreement for the financing of a professional or personal project. You could be afraid of disappointing someone.


You’ll be very successful this week, es­pecially if you work in sales. You’ll in­crease your clientele to such an extent that management will be obliged to promote you. What’s more, you’ll excel in the small details.


At work, a polished presentation could change everything and help you suc­ceed. An infusion of fun will also be appreciated by your superiors. In love, passion is the driving force behind com­mitment.


It’s important to discuss family matters openly. Silence can lead to confusion. Moreover, you may need to bring work home with you a few evenings this week.


If you’re easy to talk to, you’ll be able to expand your network of contacts and relationships at work. Even at work, you’ll never run out of things to talk about and will be able to make new acquaintances.


You may find money in the bottom of an old ski jacket you forgot about last year. In your relationship, it’s impor­tant to communicate more openly, even if it’s just to ask for more affection.


You’ll be very dynamic this week and start organizing various events you’ll soon be attending. In the face of a cer­tain emotional heaviness, a little inter­nal housekeeping will be beneficial.


Silence is golden, speech is silver. You have an extraordinary source of cre­ativity at your disposal. Take advantage of your home environment to create something beautiful or explore a new spiritual practice.

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