Horoscope - Oct 15 - 21, 2023

The Lucky Signs This Week: Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces


The Lucky Signs This Week: Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces


You’ll feel on edge, and a particular event will encourage you to consider making life changes. In your career, a competing business will tempt you with an offer for better working con­ditions and opportunities for ad­vancement.


You’ll take time to pamper yourself and indulge in a few small pleasures. You’ll negotiate rates to achieve a settlement that will improve both your work and personal well-being.


At work, you’ll have to face numer­ous urgent and complex situations. These experiences may turn out to be beneficial, as they’ll give you skills that will serve you throughout your career.


Your pride will be tested. Fortunately, you’ll have an opportunity to show yourself in a positive light. If you act for the right reasons, you can’t go wrong. Share accurate, useful infor­mation.


You’ll have some small family chores to handle. You may also have to stay at home for part of the week, perhaps to keep an eye on some work or to wait for a late delivery.


You may need to start multitasking. The telephone may ring incessantly. Maintain harmony by avoiding criti­cism when you’re with your signifi­cant other — or anyone else, in fact.


Be prudent with money and try to stick to your budget. Additional ex­penses related to home or family may arise. You’ll need to exercise discipline with your young children.


As the cold, gloomy weather sets in, you’ll feel the need to take care of your body. It would be wise to join a gym to incentivize you to exercise regularly.


Rather than rushing into a decision, think twice. If you let yourself be car­ried by the current, it’ll take you to your destination. Trust your instincts over the next few days.


Take care when speaking, as you could appear foolish to more than one person. Fortunately, only your pride will be affected, and it’ll help lighten a heavy atmosphere.


Time is valuable. Try not to schedule too many appointments on the same day and run the risk of overlap. A vacation would be beneficial.


As the days get shorter, you’ll look for an activity that will bring you in­tense joy. You’ll find yourself infused with an energy that moves you to entertain yourself more often.

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