Horoscope - Sept 17 - 23, 2023

The Lucky Signs This Week: Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius


The Lucky Signs This Week: Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius


You must make changes at home and work to help you achieve your goals. Intense emotions are essential to motivate this transformation and enable you to take great pride in it.


Be patient! You’ll reach a satisfactory agreement with certain businesses or the law. You and your community can then assert your rights. Although it may surprise you, a marriage proposal may come out of the blue.


Work can be a source of considerable stress. However, your partner’s love and support will help you relax as you spend quality time together. Making a few changes to your routine could transform your relationship.


You’ll go above and beyond to demonstrate your full potential. To achieve this, you must take the appropriate steps. Exercise regularly with your loved ones and good friends to stay fit.


It’s not always easy to balance work and family life. Ask those around you to support and help you meet your goals. If your relationship is still new, you’ll start thinking about building a life together.


Be careful when you drive! Your loved ones will invite you to participate in fun activities. Take advantage of it! Use your negotiation skills to settle conflicts; your smile is your best asset.


You’ll be surprised to find the means to launch your business or to do some work around the house before winter. Improving your home will help you foster a more intimate relationship with your partner.


You’ll kickstart the week with dynamic energy and the ambition to conquer the world. Make sure you manage your stamina to avoid draining yourself. Let the romance flow more freely between you and your better half.


Before making a commitment, think about and budget for achieving your goals. Stress can be very draining for the fun-loving, passionate person you are; look for moments to meditate.


ou’ll meet a lot of people at work or elsewhere, which can create moments of heightened stress. It’s essential to give yourself time to rest to avoid falling behind in projects or other tasks.


ime is precious. You need to be more organized and implement more structure. If you do this, you’ll manage to get everything done and even take time to rest. Your loved ones will reward you by celebrating your efforts at a party.


Take a step back and reflect on your career. If you didn’t take a holiday this summer, consider doing so. Even a weekend away could help you sort out your ideas and give you a better perspective to make the right decisions.

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