Last Mountain Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary, a place of importance for research

Located within the Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area, 165 kilometres southeast of Saskatoon, the Migratory Bird Sanctuary covers 4736 hectares of the northern section of this lake as well as parts of the surrounding land. It was the first bird sanctuary established in North America.

Public Submission

- By Marie-Lou Bernatchez

June 5, 2024

The observatory was established in 1988 and is a fascinating research facility. Jordan Rustad, Field Manager of Last Mountain Bird Observatory, explains. "We monitor migrating songbirds on their way through Last Mountain Regional Park. We collectively capture and band about 3000 songbirds every year between spring and fall migration. The data that we collect will be used to determine the long-term trends of songbirds across Canada…and how has the number of birds changed over the years. "

Many bird species are at risk due to habitat loss, and monitoring their populations is one they introduced to reduce the risk.

"Monitoring allows us to better understand why we are losing birds and how to prevent our world from losing more. "

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