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Letter to the editor - Sunny days indeed

I have been accused by some of taking potshots at Justin Trudeau whenever possible. Well, the truth of it is, I would stop taking potshots if only he would stop supplying me with ammunition!

Peter Foster

December 13, 2023

First off, Judy Wilson Reybould is the highest-ranking indigenous woman to hold a post in the liberal cabinet ever! Summarily booted from the party and her crime? Integrity! Stephen Harper left the liberals with a 34 billion dollar combined deficit when he departed Ottawa, which the liberals have managed to balloon into 1.4 trillion dollars in only six years. One could assume that the economy did not take care of itself, as for sunny days, I am still waiting for those.

Due to unfettered migration policies, we now have too many people without adequate housing, so the feds plan to spend 11 billion dollars they do not have building more houses to accommodate this situation. So now you are borrowing against money that you might have some time. I assume when sunnier days happen!

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