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RM approves building of road

The term ‘muddy’ has been used to describe a controversial piece of road after a rain event in the RM of Dufferin. It could also do the same regarding communication around the RM’s council table lately.

September 22nd, 2023

The RM of Dufferin Council passed a motion giving the go-ahead to the developers of Buffalo Vista to build a piece of road that would link up the community of North Grove and the large community of North Shore. Several people in attendance at the meeting said the vote came after the RM’s CAO, Tammy Knutilla, reported to the council that Community Planning’s Executive Director Ralph Liebel informed her the road would be approved. Community Planning and CAO both deny this series of events. 

The developers of Buffalo Vista want the road built because it will complete the third phase of their development.

Opponents of the road have proposed a break-away emergency gate between the communities to reduce traffic on the road through their community.

“No, I said I had talked to Ralph Liebel about getting together with the two municipalities,” Knutilla said she told the Council that the phase 3 servicing agreement didn’t need to be done because that portion of the road was part of the phase 2 approval, and its corresponding servicing agreement covered both. She said, “It was my recommendation that there was nothing to prevent it. It met our bylaws. We weren’t doing any process out of order because it was included in the phase 2 servicing agreement…I didn’t tell them that you have to vote for this. I told them that they didn’t have to wait for the servicing agreement...”

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