Spring Pruning

The sun already has warmth which entices gardeners to get outside and find some part of the garden that is accessible. In the hope of finding something to do outside, I found myself out in the shed pulling out my pruning tools.

Public Submission

- Patricia Hanbidge, Lead Horticulturist

April 4, 2024

The early spring is the best time of year to do pruning for most trees and shrubs. The trees are still dormant but ready to begin rapid growth so any pruning wounds will heal rapidly.

Pruning is the practice of altering the form of a plant. The act of pruning does many things including promoting the health of the plant by removing dead or diseased tissues. Proper pruning can also help to promote a function like more bloom or a higher production of fruit. By regular pruning you can improve the overall appearance of a plant. Good pruning can also protect your property and those who live there by removal of hazardous branches and by improving the sightlines in higher risk areas.

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