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The energy required to move one pound

I have been around firearms from the time I was old enough to hold one

Peter Foster

October 24, 2023

Read to the end for sarcastic editor's note

Here is an example of someone old enough to 'hold' a gun.

I have bought and sold them, given some away, and generally been part of the gun culture for over 50 years and every time we get a liberal government in this country, gun owners find themselves besieged by people so vastly ignorant of the matter, it borders on absurdity.

Take the case of extending the latest gun ban of over 1500 different variants of guns to 2025. As I stated earlier, I have been around guns for over 50 years, and I can honestly state I had no idea there were over 1500 kinds of guns on the planet, much less in Canada! I have perused this list. It is voluminous. Some of these are anti-aircraft guns, for heaven's sake.

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